Reclaimed Wovens

HOSPECO has a broad category of reclaimed wovens that vary in type and construction. Some of the most widely used wipers in the industry fall in this category. These wipers are economical and sturdy and are made to combat grime, grease and dirt. Heavy based twill fabrics, most commonly found in work pants and shirts, are made of corduroy and denim and available in colors or white. These wipers are consistent and perform well as a medium to heavy-duty wiper. They have good absorbency due to the fiber breakdown during the multiple washes they have endured. Color Reclaimed Sheeting, White Reclaimed Sheeting and White Thermal Blankets are all lighter weight wipers. • Color Reclaimed Sheeting has the advantage of being a “flat” wiper with minimal seams, and performs most jobs in the heavier class of wovens. • White Reclaimed Sheeting is very absorbent and all white, a favorite in the painting and screen printing industries. The sheet is a flat wiper with virtually no seams. • White Thermal Blankets are a rugged white wiper made with distressed yarns, giving it the absorbency needed while maintaining a long wear life.
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