Taskbrand® Specialty Sorbents

Spills and leaks come in all shapes and sizes, and HOSPECO has a full line of sorbent accessory products for spill clean-up and maintenance of petroleum based and water based spills and leaks. • Socks are flexible to fit around machinery and are excellent for containing spills. • Booms maintain buoyancy when used on bodies of water even after they become saturated. • Pillows are used in drains, sump pumps and bilges to remove oil from water areas. Pillows are also used to contain drips and leaks too large for the standard pads. • Drum Toppers absorb excess liquids on top of drum All of the above are available in both Universal or Oil Only Taskbrand® Super Absorbent Strip is used to contain spills and control leaking onto floors. Applications include containing liquid that may be leaking from refrigeration coolers, HVAC or anywhere a liquid barrier is needed.

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