ProWorks® Coated Gloves

Coated gloves are becoming the top style of work gloves in the industry. They offer a combination of abrasion, tear and chemical resistance as well as durability, tactile sensitivity and grip. Hospeco Brands Group uses four types of coatings for reusable work gloves. One coating used is a nitrile coating that has three different options, Smooth Finish, Sandy Finish, and Micro-Foam Finish. Another coating used is called the PU or Polyurethane coating. The next coating used is Latex which is available in Textured, Crinkle Finish, or Foam Finish options. Lastly we offer a very unique coating called Luxfoam®. Luxfoam® provides a much better abrasion resistance and softer more comfortable fit, it is also DMF and Silicone Free.


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