Eyewash Stations & Supplies

Eyewash Stations are an important part of your facilities’ emergency plan. HOSPECO Eyewash Stations and refill supplies are engineered to comply with ANSI standards for protection. ANSI Z358.1-2009 Standard • An eyewash station should be installed at "accessible" locations and reachable within ten seconds • Both plumbed and self-contained eyewash stations should deliver a 15 minute continuous flow • These units should be installed wherever caustic or hazardous substances are present • Check all relevant MSDS sheets at your facility to determine if the chemical or substance requires 15 minute eye flushing • An eyewash should have an on-off valve, door or pull strap that activates within one second with one single motion or less • This safety equipment must be located in an area free of obstructions because this could inhibit immediate use • Emergency showers and eyewash stations must have a flushing fluid temperature between 60º F and 100ºF.

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