Complete Toilet Seat Cover Solutions. Now Featuring the First Ever No Touch Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

HOSPECO is proud to be the market leader in Toilet Seat Covers with our Evogen®, Health Gards®, Discreet Seat® and Pull One® brands. Toilet Seat Covers demonstrate a facility owner’s commitment to offering their patrons security and sanitary protection in public restrooms and have become a requirement in many parts of the U.S.

HOSPECO seat covers are offered in a variety of value levels and pack sizes. Our seat covers come in standard half-fold size as well as a compact quarter-fold size designed for smaller restrooms such as airplanes. We are also proud to offer a Green Seal™ Certified, 100% recycled seat cover. All HOSPECO seat covers are safe for septic systems and will not harm plumbing under normal conditions

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