AirWorks® Metered Aerosols & Dispensers

AirWorks® metered aerosols help eliminate the malodors in a restroom with a burst of fragrance from a timed dispenser. Our metered aerosols not only add fragrance to the air they also contain Metazene®, an odor neutralizer to assist in freshening the air. Each can provides 30 days (up to 3400 metered prays) of continuous deodorization and is VOC compliant in all states. We have fourteen fragrances. Seven of our metered aerosol fragrances are part of our Complementary Air Care System, which allows you to have one scent throughout your entire restroom. Items in the complementary system include: • AirWorks® 3.0 Passive Air System • AirWorks® Metered Aerosol System • AirWorks® Urinal Screens • AirWorks® Bowl Clips • AirWorks® Hang Tags • AirWorks® Solid – Gel Replacement

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