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Sphergo Swivel™ Mopping Tools (2505-SW)

Product Description

Innovative mop handle eases wrist strain. Ease of motion, better reach make life easier for cleaning professionals.

Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) are a hazard of working as a professional cleaner, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  The Sphergo® line of ergonomic surface cleaning tools continues to improve working conditions for these vital members of the workforce with the new Sphergo Swivel™ mopping tool, specially designed to reduce RSIs.

  • The Sphergo Swivel™ unique curved pole positions the mopping tool and body in a less stressful posture to reduce repetitive strain injuries

  • Rotating ball handle allows for improved grip and control

  • The curved pole paired with rotating ball on the handle allows for effortless smooth mopping "S" motion

  • Sphergo Swivel™ curved pole allows for farther reach underneath low-clearance obstructions like beds, chairs, and desks relative to a tradition straight mop while eliminating awkward bending. Trapezoid frame design provides easier access into corners and along baseboards

  • The base's rounded edges help prevent any damage to sensitive areas such as wood trim or wooden furniture legs

  • Replaceable hook and loop strips

  • Light Aluminum frame.

The Sphergo Swivel™ pole and base combination can be used with any 18” and 20” laundered or reusable microfiber flat pad, but we recommend pairing Sphergo Swivel™ with the Virtu-Clean™ line of disposable cleaning pads for even more efficacious cleaning and less worker strain! These specially engineered pads are designed to reduce friction while maximizing cleaning results and coverage area.

Sphergo Swivel™ Starter Kit Contents:  (1) Aluminum Extension Pole, (1) Aluminum Base, (12) Virtu-Clean™ DC pads, (12) Virtu-Clean™ DCS pads


Case Depth 47.05" case / 46" each
Case Gross Weight 15.43 lbs. case / 1.15 lbs. each
Case Height 5.12" case / 3" each
Case Width 11.81" case / 3" each
GTIN ITF 14 10075289250764
Pack 12/case
Selling Unit Each
Size Length: 117cm/46.06" - 180cm/70.87"
UPC 075289250767
Case Depth 16.14" case / 15.75" each
Case Gross Weight 11.02 lbs. case / .80 lbs. each
Case Height 4.72" case / 1.5" each
Case Width 14.17" case / 4" each
GTIN ITF 14 10075289250771
Pack 12/case
Selling Unit Each
UPC 075289250774
Case Depth 47.05"
Case Gross Weight 3.97 lbs.
Case Height 3.15"
Case Width 4.72"
GTIN ITF 14 10075289250788
Selling Unit Each
UPC 075289250781
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