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SPHERGO POP® TUCK N' GO™ Surface Cleaning Tool

Product Description

SPHERGO POP® TUCK n’ GO™ allows you to use an array of disposable or
reusable wipers for your specific cleaning tasks while eliminating the need
to touch the soiled wiper after use. When you are finished cleaning, simply
pull the trigger and “pop” off the wiper over the refuse container. The “pop”
eliminates touching the dirty wiper and the “poof” or cloud of dust and
debris associated with other popular cleaning tools.

The tool accommodates most disposable or reusable wipers required for
your specific cleaning task. The tool is designed to use a 8" x 11" wiper,
but you can also use any wiper that can be folded to that size without
becoming too thick. The “teeth” of the tool will hold the wiper securely in
place during use.

How To Use:
1. Press the triggers to open the SPHERGO POP® TUCK n’ GO™ tool.
2. Place the tool centered on your wiper of choice.
3. Simply fold both sides of the wiper into the tool between the “teeth”.
4. Press the tool down until it clicks.
5. The wiper will be properly secured for cleaning.
6. To remove the wiper when cleaning has been completed, position the
SPHERGO POP® TUCK n’ GO™ vertically above the refuse container
and press the triggers to release.
7. The wiper will fall into the container without the “poof” of falling debris
and without having to touch the wiper.

Both the Sphergo Pop® TUCK n’ GO™ and the Sphergo Pop® PRESS n’ GO™ can be used with the Sphergo® extended reach pole or the telescoping
pole to eliminate awkward bending and clean those hard to reach places. Both tools can be purchase separately.

Covered by one or more of the following patents:  US Patent Nos. 10,052,006 and 10,842,340

Case Gross Weight .70
Color Grey / Blue
Pack Each
Size 10.5" x 4.5"
UPC 075289250644
Case Depth 20.50
Case Gross Weight 9.57
Case Height 9.00
Case Width 10.63
Color Grey / Blue
Cube 1.13
GTIN ITF 14 10075289250641
Pack 12/cs
Selling Unit Each
Size 10.5" x 4.5"
UPC 075289250644
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