Towels - Terry & Huck

HOSPECO has a wide selection of Towels ranging from economical, one time use, to high end durable terry towels. Most every wiping situation can be handled with one of our terry towel items. Our product offering includes: • White washcloths in 12”x12” to 13”x13” sizes and in two weights. These are perfect for quick wiping jobs that require some detail touches or a wiper that fits in your pocket. • Hand towels, 16”x 27”, to large bath towels 24”x50”. These come in both color and white and are offered in a lighter weight disposable style terry and in a heavier weight that will survive multiple washes and uses. • Surgical towels are our specialty in this category and we offer new and reclaimed. This high end specialty wiper is very durable and excellent for glass and other smooth surfaces. The economy minded will like our B & C grade white terry. These are the most commonly used terry towels for ordinary jobs in kitchens, janitorial applications and general surface wipe downs.
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