New Knits

HOSPECO offers a wide variety of New Knits in gray, white as well as other colors. Woven wiper materials include fleece (a sweatshirt weave), French terry (knit with a loop weave on one side) and knits (smooth, ribbed, pique and thermal). The primary advantage of using New Knits over reclaimed woven products is the minimization of seams and stains in the wipers. New Knits also offer a more consistent packing of the product to ensure less waste. Fleece wipers are best used for oils, grease and fluids with a heavy viscosity, and the weave allows for excellent clean up. French terry is best used for wax removal, grime cleanup, metal polishing and some staining. The texture created by the loops leaves smooth surfaces clean and ready for finishing. Bleached wipers are a lighter wiper best used for staining and applications using lacquer thinner or other strong chemicals. Knits are very versatile wipers and can be used for a variety of applications. From general wiping jobs to light duty, a knit wiper can provide ample help for any cleaning need.
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